Language Study

-Bonobos/Chimps and Neanderthals




What do we really know about an unrecorded history?

Who can judge the intelligence of the unknown?


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Can Species Other Than Humans Read?

Let’s Discover…

First off, what IS the alphabet? 

1) How are messages formed?

2) What are different types of alphabets?

3) What was the purpose of writing?

4) Who controlled it?

5) How did writing become mobile?

6) How did writing evolve?

7) How did the English alphabet originate?


Kanzi and the Lexigram

Watch the clip and ponder:

1) How does Kanzi use the lexigram?

2) Is this a form of reading or is this a product of training?

3) Can a lexigram be considered an alphabet?

4) How does primate intelligence compare to human intelligence?

5) Can primates use abstract thought?

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Can Neanderthal Intelligence be Compared to Human Intelligence?

Let’s Discover

Gieco Caveman Commercials 

What does the Geico Commercial imply about Cavemen?

What preconceived notions do you have about Cavemen and Neanderthals?


let’s spend a few minutes on some key vocabulary

Watch these Neanderthal Videos and Ponder:


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