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Some people call J.D. Brewer a leprechaun, but they just don’t understand that she’s simply vertically challenged. There are those who say she’s fiercer than a baby pterodactyl, despite the fact that she was probably a stegosaurus in another life. Others have titles for her that are a bit more generic: friend, teacher, student, family, etc.The truth is, she spends her time gathering moments from the people (and puppies) she loves, and from those moments, she creates. She glues letters into words, words into thoughts, and thoughts into questions. When she’s not out having a blast in the universe she shares with you, she’s creating her own through pen, paper, and keyboard.

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Teaching Pandemic Style

I don’t know about you, but when I am faced with calamity, I am reactive by nature (or maybe it’s nurture). Knee-jerk reactions are like comfort food to me, and when big things happen, I go nuclear in a flurry of movement to fix the situation. Time and time again… The world is in shock, […]

Make Way for the Stomach

Disclaimer: This post is a little dated given that I wrote it last week before being confined to bedrest, but I still wanted to share it.  This week, I did not wear pregnancy well. I guess it all started with my blotchy, sick face. Redder than normal cheeks. Coughing fits that happened at inappropriate times—especially when […]

Disorderly Order

My life can get disorganized very quickly. Don’t get me wrong. I love things neat and orderly, but when the cyclone of reality comes a knockin’, I tend to get a little all over the place. This past month? It has been one long tornado of crazy, and a lot has fallen through the cracks. […]

Teaching with Hands Tied

This week, I had an interaction with a student that cut deep. I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Then again, maybe it was the right place at the right time. In this student’s frustration, he lashed out, and I took it. The tired, pregnant teacher took it. I knew that everything […]

I’m Back, Though I Haven’t Exactly Been Gone…

Howdy Dear Friends, It’s been a while, I know. For many of us, the past seven months have been a whirlwind, and I can definitely relate. First off, as many of you have seen on social media, I reentered the classroom in August. My hope was that my teaching life could inspire my writing life. […]

A Brainstorming Exercise by j.d. brewer

I made this brainstorming exercise for a workshop I did at the Buda Public Library. I’ll end up using it at some point in my classroom next year as well. I originally intended it for personal use, but thought sharing is a good thing. I emailed Message to Bears to ask for permission to use […]

Un-Saved Saviors: J.D. Brewer on Editing Setbacks

Mt. Lemmon, Arizona, circa March 2016. Imagine two women, holed up in a cabin typing until their fingers cramp and their eyes bleed. That was my work-wife and I. Three weeks of no internet, no husbands, hiking breaks, coffee (lots of coffee) breaks, and writing. It was such a productive time. Against a backdrop of […]

J.D. Brewer on Criticism Vs. Negativity

Check out the Video Below — On Criticism Vs. Negativity — for a personalized reading of the following blog.  I get asked all the time, “How do you deal with criticism? Especially when it’s malicious and unkind?” It took me a while to understand this question. After all, what does it mean to deal with […]

To the Motherless Daughters on their Wedding Day

The first boy I ever loved didn’t love me back. We were small town kids with small town hearts, and neither person knew how to speak the language of the other. And there is a timeless beauty in that. I don’t blame him. At the time, I was a grieving hot-mess. I was learning how […]