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Some people call J.D. Brewer a leprechaun, but they just don’t understand that she’s simply vertically challenged. There are those who say she’s fiercer than a baby pterodactyl, despite the fact that she was probably a stegosaurus in another life. Others have titles for her that are a bit more generic: friend, teacher, student, family, etc.

The truth is, she spends her time gathering moments from the people (and puppies) she loves, and from those moments, she creates. She glues letters into words, words into thoughts, and thoughts into questions. When she’s not out having a blast in the universe she shares with you, she’s creating her own through pen, paper, and keyboard.

J.D. Brewer’s Survival Tips for Life:

Go on adventures. Learn by Breaking Things. Explore every Universe. Open your Heart. Judge but never Condemn. Love being Uncomfortable. Embrace Change. Question Everything.

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