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Some people call J.D. Brewer a leprechaun, but they just don’t understand that she’s simply vertically challenged. There are those who say she’s fiercer than a baby pterodactyl, despite the fact that she was probably a stegosaurus in another life. Others have titles for her that are a bit more generic: friend, teacher, student, family, etc.The truth is, she spends her time gathering moments from the people (and puppies) she loves, and from those moments, she creates. She glues letters into words, words into thoughts, and thoughts into questions. When she’s not out having a blast in the universe she shares with you, she’s creating her own through pen, paper, and keyboard.

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And the Winner of the Universe is…

 A Vacation Story: It was the kind of fishing pole that’d snap in half with the slightest of pressure. White rod, yellow reel, with Snoopy sleeping on the job. Yet when it was placed in my hands, it could have been Excalibur for all the power I felt by holding it. Before I even left […]

The Evolution of Intrepid’s Book Cover- Featuring Laura Ottensman

Picture high school: students milling around, slamming lockers, elbowing their ways through life. The claustrophobic feeling of being trapped by the florescent lights that were always too bright, bouncing off the ugly, speckled tile and the ordinary, metal lockers. Then there was Laura with her sketchbooks and her the-world-is-my-oyster smiles walking down the hallway. Even […]

The Modern Day Vagabonds- Featuring Sarah and Lee Martin

“We fired our jobs,” she explained. “We don’t call it quitting… it’s just that the 9 to 5 wasn’t giving us what we wanted out of life.” Talking to Sarah and Lee Martin is fascinating. They, by far, have one of the healthiest perspectives on life, because they focus on living… not existing. A few […]

A Book Cover is Born- Featuring Lynn Jones Hamilton

The pictures were taken and painstakingly analyzed.  I spent hours looking at duplicate shots, deleting one here and one there, until I shaved it from 800 or so to 750 or so. They all looked the same, except for some minor details scattered about, and I wondered how I’d get down to one?  I didn’t […]

The Vagabond Photo Shoot- Featuring Jean Marie Williford

Vagabond is set in a Utopian/Dystopian future called the Republic. Niko, a girl with a perfect past gets on the wrong side of the law and has to learn to survive in the wild with the help of the people she meets along the way. There’s action, adventure, heartbreak, and redemption throughout the entire story, […]

Intrepid Book Cover Art- Featuring Laura Beasley Ottensman

  Laura Beasley Ottensman  Painting the Book Cover for “Intrepid” (Coming Fall 2015) Follow Laura at      https://www.facebook.com/Ottensmanart As I work on a story like Intrepid, I am reminded that we are who we surround ourselves with. The multiverse is so vast and incomprehensible, that we, as tiny specks on the cosmic scale, need […]